Wicked Hot Smoked Sausages

More About the New Wicked Smoked Sausages

  • Wicked is a new line of premium hot sausages. 
  • There are currently 4 varieties of Wicked: Wicked Ghost, Wicked Habanero, Wicked Jalapeno, and Wicked Chipotle. 
  • Each Wicked variety is defined by the individual pepper.  Example; Wicked Ghost features Ghost peppers. 
  • Wicked Magic: Wicked Magic occurs when you take the very first bite and repeats with every bite.  The magic is this; first you taste the flavor of the pork and beef.  Next the hickory wood smoke, followed by the spices.  Then, here comes the wonderful heat.  It’s magic! 

Grill Tip—Natural Casing Snap. Why natural casing?  Natural casing holds in the natural juices and flavors of the meat.  It’s the old fashioned way.  There is nothing like the “Snap” of natural casing sausages.  Queen City sausage offers your favorite brats and metts in natural casing and skinless.  Delicious!