The Classic All Beef Smoked Sausage

More About the Classic All Beef Smoked Sausage

  • Just when we perfected our signature smoked sausage and bratwurst many years ago, we just weren’t satisfied. We wanted to do more and the Beef Smoked Sausage was calling us.
  • This All Beef Smoked Sausage lets the flavor of the beef stand on its own delicious merits.
  • Available in skinless.
  • There is just something special when beef meets hickory wood smoke, and hand mixed spices.
  • The Beef Smoked Sausage is craft sausage making at its finest. Simple, yet bold. Mild, yet full of flavor.
  • Available in Hot.

Grill Tip—Master the Heat: After grilling over a quarter million brats, metts, and Goetta in recent years, a real insight has appeared.  It’s the heat!  Not so much the source.  One reason this can be said is because wood and charcoal are mainly used to impart smoke flavor.  Queen City sausages are already slow cooked with hickory wood smoke.  Cast iron flat-tops, charcoal, and gas all work very well.  Use the grill to finish, not do the heavy lifting.  Note: Parboil first.