Our Signature Smoked Sausage (Metts)

More About the Signature Smoked Sausage

  • The original.  Our signature sausage.  It’s where we began back in 1965.  Right here in Cincinnati.  
  • This recipe is authentic and treasured!
  • If Harry meeting Sally was fate, and peanut butter hooking up with chocolate was a date, then pork meeting beef at the Sausage           Factory caused the angels to sing! This signature smoked sausage delivers and exceeds expectations. And oh that spice mixture.           Hand mixed, the old fashioned way.
  • Hickory wood smoked to perfection. There is no rushing here.
  • Available in skinless or natural casing. Natural casing locks in the flavors!
  • Metts. Metts is a term for mettwurst—smoked sausage!

Grill Tip—Par-boil in your favorite beer on the grill. Proper parboiling gently heats up the links right on the grill.  The grand finale is when you remove the sausages from the beer and place on the heated grill.  The grills’ job is the finish.  The beer warms and hydrates and the grill adds the color and burst.  Go easy.  Relax.  It’s how Grill Heroes are made!