Deli Meats

More About Deli Meats

  • When the German immigrants first arrived in Cincinnati and NKY back in the 1880’s they immediately fell in love with the area. Why? The Ohio River and surrounding valley reminded them of the Rhine Valley in Germany.
  • The Germans were expert sausage makers and one of their favorite traditions was to make special loaf sausages. The sausage mixture was placed in bread pans and baked. The resulting loaves could be sliced thin for sandwiches. Very convenient meals for workers of that era in factories, especially in the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.
  • The most popular varieties of Deli Meats are Dutch Loaf, Pickle Loaf, Pepper Loaf, and Leona.
  • All Queen City Deli Meats are fully cooked.
  • Hickory Smoked Ham: We only make one and for good reason. This ham has no equal. Smoke flavor with every bite. Moist. Full of flavor through and through. When it is right, the very best, other options just aren’t necessary.
  • Slow Cooked Tender Roast Beef: A real accomplishment and favorite at the Sausage Factory.  Most seem to favor this special roast beef sliced super thin for sandwiches.