Roast Beef Ham & Cheese Soft Tacos/Wraps

Roast Beef Ham &Cheese Soft Tacos/Wraps

One of Cincinnati’s best kept secrets is Queen City Sausage’ Smoked Ham and tender Roast Beef.



  • 6 OZ Queen City Sausage Smoked Ham. Sliced thin
  • 6 OZ Queen City Sausage Slow Roasted Roast Beef. Sliced thin
  • 6 Each OLE Xtreme Wellness Spinach; Herbs Tortilla Wraps
  • 12 OZ Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Sliced thin
  • ½ Red Onion. Sliced
  • 4 OZ Italian Dressing
  • 6 OZ Mushrooms. Optional


  1. Medium skillet, low heat. Add Italian dressing. Add onions
  2. Add the ham and roast beef slices
  3. Note: The goal is to very gently mix the meats with the Italian dressing and onions. Low heat is key as the meats are pre-cooked. Too much heat ruins the flavor
  4. Lay out tortilla wraps. Add equal amounts of cheese
  5. Add ham and roast beef with onions to the tortilla wraps
  6. Close the wrap

Serves: 4-6