Elmer Hensler


Elmer's Principles

The principles set forth by Elmer Hensler in 1965 are the same ones we honor in every batch of craft-sausage today.

They are simple and real and they are the framework around which the Queen City Sausage brand is built:



  • For our customers, our families, and ourselves, Queen City Sausage creates highest-quality German sausages.
  • Queen City Sausage customers deserve and will receive the very best service possible.
  • Customers are entitled to and will always be offered Queen City Sausage at a fair and honest price.


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Sausage King Reaches out through Local Charity Events, Cincinnati Reds, & New Summer Festival

May 19, 2011

“Queen City Sausage is a local “craft” sausage maker whose recipes are authentic with only the finest ingredients used including hand mixed spices. Since 1965, Elmer Hensler, founder and president, still employs old world sausage craftsmanship and real wood smoke flavor in the company’s sausage production. The company has recently begun and expanded several initiatives in order to spread the word and connect with the community ...

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Cincy Business: This is No Bologna

Cincy - April14/May14

Making sausage is a labor of love for Elmer Hensler.

Mike Boyer

At a time when others his age are reflecting on their life’s work, Elmer Hensler, who turns 84 in May, is still looking ahead.

Hensler, president of Queen City Sausage & Provision Inc. in Camp Washington, is expanding the meat processing plant he started nearly 50 years ago.

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independent-processor.jpgQueen city Sausage: The Independent Processor of the Year

August 11, 2014

As one of Cincinnati’s last remaining meat companies, Queen City Sausage excels at giving back to the community.

By Sam Gazdziak

In 1965, Queen City Sausage was a fledgling sausage company in Cincinnati, a city full of established, well-known processors. The founder of Queen City was a 35-year-old Cincinnati native who had spent the majority of his life to that point in the city’s slaughterhouses. Almost 50 years later, Queen City Sausage has become one of the most iconic brands in a city that takes its local foods very seriously. Its founder, Elmer Hensler, can still be found in the office every day, making sure the company is adhering to his strict...

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Happy 85th Birthday Elmer!

May 2015

Queen City sausages are the official brats and metts of the Reds. In this clip, Reds radio announcers Marty Brenneman and Jeff Brantley wish Queen City Sausage founder Elmer Hensler a Happy 85th Birthday during the game!


Radio Spot - Made in Cincinnati


Queen City Sausage - Elmer Hensler - Hall of Fame


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Elmer Hensler - Business Hall of Fame Speech


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Queen City Sausage Red Bull Flugtag Event in Louisville KY


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