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Even more than the common query, “please?,” and the high school connection we’re fond of making, the tightest bond among Greater Cincinnatians is the food that’s brought us up. It is the instant link to the families and communities that have shaped our memories. The distinctive flavor of the area means “home,” and – as Dorothy herself chimed – there’s just no place like it.

At Queen City Sausage, we take real pride in our craft-sausage contributions to the great food traditions of this Ohio River region. It is our pleasure to create the handmade products that mean “home” to so many. And, it is with much delight that we offer our complete lines to be delivered anywhere in the country.

Wherever you live today, bring “home” to your doorstep as easily as three clicks of the heel:

Shop the Top-Sellers: Our mail-order partners, Cincy Favorites, will send the most popular Queen City Sausage products to you right away.

For More Varieties: All the rest of our delicious goods are available to be shipped directly from Queen City Sausage.



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Did You Know?

  • Queen City Sausage brats and metts are the best selling locally produced sausages in the region!
  • All recipes are authentic German recipes. 
  • Only the finest ingredients are used.  No fillers.  No shortcuts!
  • Real hickory wood is burned to create our distinctive smoke flavor!
  • Our spices are still “hand mixed.” This ensures consistently delicious product.
  • Queen City Sausage is family owned and managed.
  • Small batch production ensures every product we make is exceptional!

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