Who is the Queen City Sausage “queen” on the logo?

The queen came with the packaging and has become a bit of a lucky charm. Back in 1965, a meat-packing company called Queen City Meats was going out of business at the same time Queen City Sausage was coming to life. In a serendipitous exchange, Elmer bought the closing company’s leftover packaging and incorporated their queen into his own logo. She’s been watching over the region’s best-selling craft-sausage brand for more than 45 years now.

What is a mett?

A mett is a regional term used to describe smoked sausage in Greater Cincinnati. Queen City smoked sausages are a delicious blend of pork, beef, and spices.

What is meant by “Cincinnati Style” white brats?

Traditional brats found in Greater Cincinnati are made of finely ground pork, and spices. Queen City brats are fully cooked. Best flavors are achieved when the brats are grilled golden brown and bursting open from the heat!

Do you use real wood smoke in crafting a Queen City sausage?

The only way to create the robust hickory flavor and rich color unique to the Queen City Sausage brand is to use real hickory. There is no substitute for the aroma of smoldering hickory. It awakens our craft-sausage kitchens, permeates the entire Queen City Sausage shop, and brings taste buds to attention.

Do you offer natural casing and skinless sausage?

In keeping with the tradition of German sausage-making, Queen City sausages historically are held in a natural casing. The casings help retain the flavors of the sausage, and keep it moist as well; they are known by their savory snap! Most links in the Queen City Sausage line, however, are available skinless as well.

Does Queen City Sausage use mechanically-separated meats?

While the practice of mechanically-separating meats is prevalent in the business of hot dogs and smoked sausage, Queen City Sausage does not and will not ever use mechanically-separated meats in any of our products. The process is used as an inexpensive way to repurpose scraps and waste and is absolutely contradictory to the guiding principles of quality and honesty that set Queen City Sausage apart from its competitors.

Does Queen City Sausage offer other products?

In addition to our full line of craft sausages, including a regional sausage called “goetta,” Queen City Sausage is proud of our full line of old-fashioned lunchmeats and premium ham and roast beef.

What is goetta?

Goetta is a Cincinnati-German breakfast sausage made popular by immigrants in the middle of the 19th century. Throughout the region, there are many homemade goetta recipes. Queen City Sausage’s goetta is known by its generous cuts of fine beef and pork, savory spices, fresh onions, and steel-cut oats. Much lower in fat than traditional pork breakfast sausage, goetta is best served simply browned.

Where can I find the complete line of Queen City Sausage products?

The Queen City Sausage brand is available in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Dayton at Kroger, Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Meijer’s, Remke-bigg’s, Findlay Market, Hatting’s Market, Jungle Jim’s, R & R Meats, and several other fine retail establishments.

May I have Queen City Sausage shipped to my home?

Our mail order partner, Cincy Favorites, will ship your favorite Queen City sausages to you wherever you are – across the country, to every state. Click “Buy” wherever you see it on this site, select the “Mail Order” tab, and soon you will have the craft sausage you crave at your doorstep.

Are you USDA Inspected?

The facilities of Queen City Sausage are inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) daily, in fact. The USDA has very strict guidelines for any grounds where meat in processed, including craft-sausage facilities. Queen City Sausage is proud to meet – and exceed – those high standards consistently.

Is Queen City Sausage a publicly-traded company?

Queen City Sausage is privately owned by Elmer Hensler, our founder and president.

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