Elmer Hensler

“I knew at an early age that if I wanted anything in life, I would have to go and work for it!”

Few of us are fortunate enough to know from a very early age, what we really want to be when they grow up, and stick with it.  Elmer J. Hensler was that rare individual that had that knowing, and the strength and determination to carry it through.
Some call Elmer’s story the American Dream fulfilled. Others cite it simply as “See what dedication and hard work will do!”
Elmer says it best: “I never cared much for school.  Once I could read well, write, add, and subtract, I lost interest.  I was distracted by the hustle and bustle of the meat district in my West End Cincinnati neighborhood.”  I wanted to earn money.  I knew that being one of nine children in a family of modest means, that I would have to earn my way and I knew it early.  By 11-12 years old, I was already working before elementary school in the nearby slaughterhouse at 4 am. The nuns (teachers) were beside themselves and often stated; “You’ll never amount to anything!”  My answer; “Just give me a knife and a steel (sharpener).  I will always have a job in the meat business.” And so he did.
The rest is Elmer’s history and the history of his company, Queen City Sausage.