Did You Know?

There are many things we tend to accept as normal business in our daily life here at the Sausage Factory. We would like to share some insights and beliefs because they are special and are part of the “Why” we do what we do. We, the craft sausage makers at Queen City are dedicated to producing the worlds’ best sausage.

  • “Never cheapen your product!” As of this writing our founder and owner is 89 years young. His favorite saying is “Never cheapen your product!” Elmer literally grew up in the meat business. He has seen “it” all. Back in 1965 when he started Queen City Sausage, there were over 40 meat companies in the area and are now gone. Out of business mostly because as Elmer says; “They decided to cheapen their products.”
  • Lunches are special here: We prepare, share, and enjoy our sausages, Goetta, and deli meats daily. Often we invite people we do business with, friends, family, City Government, and more to celebrate our delicious sausages with. Employee grill outs are an event. Check out our
    Recipe section to see a sampling of some of our lunches. Quite special.
  • We believe in doing “In-House!” We are a small company. We employ 35 people. This means that we take multi-tasking to new levels and rely on our abilities to learn, grow, and create.
    This also means we do not use agencies for creative. Radio, billboards, new sausage formulations, and Social Media are all done right here at “World HQ!
  • Iconic Bratwurst: It is difficult to find the right words to best describe our treasured bratwurst. In some ways it is like asking a parent which of their kids is their favorite. The brat we make is all pork, seasoned, finely ground and steamed to perfection. You will also know it is a Queen City Brat by the hint of parsley infused in every link. We could not possibly make it any better.
    Just sayin!
  • Cincinnati Reds: Yes, we are long time sponsors of the Reds, but we are more than just business sponsors. The Reds, like Queen City Sausage have a long history with Cincinnati and we are friends. Queen City sausages are found in good supply throughout the Great American Ballpark. Go Reds!!
  • Porkopolis: Back in the day (Mid-1800’s) Cincinnati was producing so much pork and sausage for the USA that it was nicknamed Porkopolis. The Queen City Sausage Factory is located in the heart of the actual Porkopolis meat packing district. Elmer often reflects that as a youth he would run cattle on the streets of Cincinnati from the stock yards to the slaughterhouses at 4AM.
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