Are You a Grill Master?

You are if…


You care deeply about the quality of sausages you grill, and serve. You serve Queen City Sausage’ iconic bratwurst and hickory smoked sausages.


You believe that the grill is and should be the centerpiece of family and friends gatherings.


Your grill outs are events. People gather around your grill filled with curiosity and picking out their link ahead of time.


Ingredients Matter. You want locally made, authentic sausages to surprise and delight your guests with.


You experiment. You explore different varieties such as the new Wicked Hot Sausages and try different buns, new condiments, and offer new found toppings.


You believe that great foods are to be celebrated. You know that fire, heat, smoke and sausages are primal and are as old as mankind. Grilling great sausages unites us and brings us closer together.