About Us

People Ask; “What do you do?”

You could say we are passionate sausage makers who Craft specialty sausages from authentic German recipes.

You could also say that we care deeply about our sausages.  This is expressed daily in the ways we choose to create these products; Small batch production, real hickory wood smoke, buying only the freshest meat, never frozen, and hand mixed spices.

We can say that we never compromise on the art of sausage making.  No short cuts. No cheapening tricks.

No fillers.  No stockpiling!  Just our very best sausages. Made fresh!  Sold Fresh.

Since 1965.  The last, the largest, independent standing in Cincinnati.

As our founder and president Elmer J. Hensler always said; “We do not want to be the biggest, just the best!”

Breakfast Burrito 10 (Large)
Hot Dogs 12 (Large)

Elmer Hensler founded Queen City Sausage not far from the Cincinnati banks of the Ohio River in 1965. As one of nine children, he went to work at a very young age, and quickly found his passion in meat. By the time he partnered with Alois Stadler, the very best “spice man” in the city, Elmer had already invested over 20 years in learning every aspect of the meat business. When shortly thereafter the pair was joined by renowned master sausage-maker George Nagel, the tradition of small-batch, craft sausage-making was introduced to Cincinnati as Queen City Sausage. At this very point in Queen City Sausage history – the beginning – Elmer started building the like-minded team of craft-sausage creators that would allow him to breathe life into his personal passion and grow his business most respectfully. He invested his time and experience and all of his trust into a hand-selected collection of individuals who would ultimately become an extension of his family. Over the years and throughout the building of the craft-sausage workshop that is Queen City Sausage, Elmer has remained mindful and quite proud of the loyalty, craftsmanship, and retention of his Queen City team.

Elmer’s commitment to superior products, quality ingredients, a masterful workforce, and blue-chip customer service has resulted in legions of loyal Queen City Sausage fans. In fact, the business has expanded fourteen times since 1965. To satisfy the consumer’s demand, the campus has grown over and over again, every time advancing in cutting-edge equipment and processes.

Unchanged, however, are the original German sausage recipes, the lean cuts of pork and beef that fill each link of sausage, and the particular blend of spices hand-mixed every single day. More than 54 years later, Elmer remains the president of Queen City Sausage.

In fact, on any given day he may still be found hard at work at the historic West End shop that started it all, among the craftspeople who are his family. Elmer keeps uncompromising standards of quality – standards that have made Queen City Sausage the best-selling producer of brats and metts in the region – and quite clearly states, “I don’t want to be the biggest, just the best.”

7 Earned and Proven Sausage Grill Tips

One of the best things about working for a local iconic sausage maker is that we get to taste the great sausages we make daily. We especially look forward to taste testing new products like our new Wicked hot sausage line.
In recent years, I estimate that we have grilled over a quarter million brats, metts, and Goetta Sliders at huge events such as the Heart Mini Marathon, Flying Pig, Komen Race for the Cure, and many more. Along the way, we have developed our top 7 Grill Tips and will gladly share with you.

Tip #1—Build the Anticipation:

Why? Announcing the grill menu to guests builds excitement and engagement.
Additionally send out flavor signals from the very beginning by sautéing onions and peppers in Italian dressing. Add a dash or 2 of Worcestershire sauce. Yes, Worcestershire sauce. Liquid magic! The onions and peppers become toppings at the end.

Mark Balasa
Director of Marketing
Queen City Sausage Company
Cincinnati, Ohio 45214


Special thanks to the Arteflame Grill Company.

Many of our products were grilled and photographed on the brilliant and legendary Arteflame.