7 Earned and Proven Sausage Grill Tips

One of the best things about working for a local iconic sausage maker is that we get to taste the great sausages we make daily. We especially look forward to taste testing new products like our new Wicked hot sausage line.In recent years, I estimate that we have grilled over a quarter million brats, metts, and Goetta Sliders at huge events such as the Heart Mini Marathon, Flying Pig, Komen Race for the Cure, and many more. Along the way, we have developed our top 7 Grill Tips and will gladly share with you.

Mark Balasa
Director of Marketing
Queen City Sausage Company
Cincinnati, Ohio 45214

Tip #1- Build the Anticipation:

Why? Announcing the grill menu to guests builds excitement and engagement. Additionally, send out flavor signals from the very beginning by sautéing onions and peppers in Italian dressing. Add a dash or 2 of Worcestershire sauce. Yes, Worcestershire sauce. Liquid magic! The onions and peppers become toppings at the end.

Tip #2 - Grills are Centerpieces:

Focal points.  Why?  People love to gather around well stocked grills.  Mom used to remark that at parties, people always tend to gather in her kitchen.  Food unites people.  Food is theatre if you let it.  Is your grill rushed or celebrated? 

Tip #3 - Parboil in Beer:

Parboiling in beer accomplishes so much it is likened to “grill magic.”  Parboiling with your favorite beer makes grilling more interesting not only to you but your guests as well.  It is memorable and quite functional.  Parboiling preheats the brats and metts evenly.  The time on the grill needed for the links is now just to produce a wonderful finish on the sausages.  Not cook them from scratch.  Especially useful if you have a large crowd.  Learned this tip from Oktoberfest Cincinnati food vendors 20 years ago. 

Tip #4 - Master the Heat:

After grilling over a quarter million brats, metts, and Goetta in recent years, a real insight has appeared.  It’s the heat!  Not so much the source.  One reason this can be said is because wood and charcoal are mainly used to impart smoke flavor.  Queen City sausages are already slow cooked with hickory wood smoke.  Cast iron flat-tops, charcoal, and gas all work very well.  Use the grill to finish, not do the heavy lifting.  Note: Parboil first. 

Tip #5 - Slow Down!:

Don’t over cook.  Don’t rush the grill or the meal. Slow grilling allows the sausages’ natural juices to activate.  This results in extraordinary tasting sausages.  Slowing down also builds anticipation.  Let your guests see what’s cooking.  Make grilling fun for you and everyone.  Slow down.  Take it easy. 

Tip # 6 - Natural Casing Snap.

Why natural casing?  Natural casing holds in the natural juices and flavors of the meat.  It’s the old fashioned way.  There is nothing like the “Snap” of natural casing sausages.  Queen City sausage offers your favorite brats and metts in natural casing and skinless.  Delicious! 

Tip #7 - Set up a Toppings Bar:

Here is the final tip, at least in this series and deals with adding that extra special element that guests of all ages will extremely appreciate.  It’s the final step.  The finish.  The customization: A Toppings Bar. 

Toppings Bars can be simple.  They can be elaborate.  Basic Toppings Bars offer: Sautéed onions.  Relish.  Ground mustard.  Ketchup (Reluctantly).  Sauerkraut.  Salsa.  Have fun.  Create your own Toppings Bar.  Watch your guests add their twist to your perfectly grilled brats, metts, and hot dogs.