The Queen City Sausage Festival’s tag line states “Crafted Sausages, Grilled and Celebrated! Contained in these words is our commitment to producing great sausages, and our desire to gather, grill and celebrate friends, family, and community.

The Queen City Sausage Festival prides itself in the quality of the food vendors we invite to grill and sell our sausages. These select food vendors are very skilled and take great pride in serving Queen City Sausages to hungry festival visitors at family friendly prices.

Each food vendor is challenged to create something unique and creative from the wide range of Queen City Sausage products. There is no duplication among the vendors so delicious creativity drives the menus! Visit all the food booths for a complete selection of all menu items.

Here are just a few of the menu items we have so far! See you at the Queen City Sausage Festival!


  • New!  Papa John's Deluxe German Reuben Sausage Pizza : A delightful twist to traditional pizza. Queen City's famous hot smoked sausage (Mettwurst) join forces Papa's delicious crust, add sauerkraut, provalone cheese and mustard!  Absolutely incredible!
  • Mick Noll Super Brat: The Super Brat is a festival tradition and Mick Noll is a brat specialist. This brat treat is expertly grilled, full of flavor and hangs mightily over the bun. May take two hands to hold! 
  • Cincinnati Style Hot Dog: Queen City hot dogs are legendary. Still made the old fashioned way, no fillers, all delicious meat! Chicago is well known for their fully loaded hot dogs and this Cincinnati Style Hot Dog is Cincinnati’s version of a fully loaded dog. Napkins provided!
  • Cincinnati Grill : What happens when you combine the legendary Queen City signature mett with a touch of heat! The result is a taste and aroma combination that is quite simply mouth watering! Just the right spice combination results in the Munic Hot Mett!  Wondering what a Breuben is?  Take the best selling Queen City brat, add sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, 1000 Island dressing, and rye bread.  Think Reuben but with a delicious brat!
  • Zesty Italian Sausage Hoagie: Colonial Cottage Restaurant is renown as a comfort food destination in NKY. The owners Matt and Noelle Grimes are passionate about the dishes they create and the Zesty Italian Sausage Hoagie is no exception. The Queen City Italian Sausage is mild yet packed full of distinctive Italian spices!
  • Grilled Gyro Cheddar Mett: Creativity is a hallmark of the Queen City Sausage Festival. This creation is so much fun! The smoke aroma of the mett fills the sandwich, grilled until bursting open with flavor. The Queen City mild mett is expertly wrapped in fresh pita bread and served with optional Greek sauce.
  • The Zoomer: Lyle Yoest has been a Greater Cincinnati festival favorite for many years. Many years ago, Lyle was looking for something new to serve and created the now famous Zoomer. What is a Zoomer? A Zoomer is a super sized sharp cheddar cheese mett with just a little kick (spice)! Grilled just right!
  • Sal Wertheim is a Greater Cincinnati restaurateur who has been active with restaurants for well over 50 years. Sal is always applying his knowledge of German food derived from his German heritage. The results are evident in his booth where you will find Sal’s skills applied to Queen City metts and brats.  Look for the new Sausage Kabobs!
  • Queen City Goetta: Queen City Sausage’s goetta continues to gain in popularity. This delicious goetta is low in fat, and has 4 secret spices!  Each of the festival food vendors features a very special goetta dish.  Look for Goetta Balls, Goetta Reuben, Goetta Dawg, Goetta Egg & Cheese Sandwich, Goetta Chedda Cheese, and Goetta Fudge Brownie.
  • Jack Schulte: A Greater Cincinnati Food Vendor with over 40 years of festival experience.  Jack is best known for his 6 foot round skillet, loaded with Queen City Sausage' premium, smoked, endless kielbasa.  Ask for the works; Onions and peppers!
  • New!  Welcome "Wrap & Bowl!"  Love the fast casual burrito and bowl concept made famous by a popular Mexican restaurant chain?  Then you will love this new booth called Wrap & Bowl.  This new concept uses Queen City Hot sausage, Queen City Goetta, and chicken.  Burrito wrap or bowl.  Your choice.  In fact this booth is all about choice and creating your own burrito or bowl!

This is just a sampling of the many menu items available at the festival.  Come join us at the festival and find these and many more items!


Other festival favorites include Bavarian pretzels, grilled chicken Hoagie, ribbon fries, funnel cake,  roasted corn, cotton candy, and freshly prepared popcorn.




The Queen City Sausage Festival will feature several goetta favorites including Goetta Balls, Goetta Chedda Cheese, Goetta Omelet, Goetta Slab Sandwich, and the Goetta Egg and Cheese sandwich.

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Over 27 delicious ways Queen City Sausages can be enjoyed. Brats, metts and more, including creative dishes will be sold by the area’s best food vendors!

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